Weighbridge Load Cell CB50X

Brand: Scaime
Product Code: Load Cell CB50X

The CB50X Load Cell is ideal for use in weighbridges

  • Made of stainless steel,
  • Hermetically Weled Ip68
  • Approved up to 400d
  • OIML R60 spherical an self centering base.
  • Anti rotation system included.Optional over-voltage protection.
  • Optional shielded cable against rodent.

Data Sheet Model CB50X


Weighbridge Load Cell PR6221

Brand: Sartorius Intec, Germany
Product Code: Weighbridge Load Cell PR 6221

The PR 6221 range of load cells is designed exclusively for use on road weighbridges.

  • The unique design principle
  • Combined with the installation kits
  • Counterbalances movements caused by mechanical or thermal expansion or contraction of the weighbridge construction.
  • The unique combination of the selected geometry
  • Material/surface hardness parameters guarantees perfect rolling characteristics
  • high restoring forces and long-term maintenance-free operation.

A particular design characteristic is that the height and shape of the load cell remain constant over various load stages, whilst there is a particularly high overload range of, in part, up to 200%.

Data Sheet Model PR 6221