Technological Encroachments – Libra Scales

Knowledge of skills and progressions can be the technology or it can be dug in machines which can be worked without definite learning of their workings. Present day innovation is basically a headway of old innovation, the effect of innovation in current life is unmeasurable, we utilize innovation in various ways and here and there the way we execute different advancements winds up hurting our lives.

The human species’ utilization of innovation started with the change of common assets into upfront gadgets. The LIBRA was commenced under the advantageous and prolific consultations of most effectual, well veteran and resourceful top management being one of the dominant and influential shippers of Electronics Weighing Scales products backed by remarkably consummate and adeptly heightened expertise with aim and ambition to develop most advanced attributes and research methodologies in their practices.

Libra Scales especially in their advanced research not only focused the leads or merits of technological trifles but as well the shortcomings too. We always focused the ease of our lives continually on merits instead of demerits or with worth to reduce the disadvantages accordingly with following opinions and research approaches:

Encroachments in technology illustrate an extra effectual way of execution for better outputs. As educational sector has vigorous improvements through information technology. Virtual studies are the swift and paramount sources to transmute knowledge throughout the universe. Automation of agricultural routes is a splendid fact of advancements and through agricultural research we have a bang in crops and yields. Medical research and detections, improvements in food and feed sector, advancements in engineering technologies (mechanical and electrical sectors) and exclusively if we emphasis industrial sector the rapid innovations in weighing and scales division are remarkable which is always focused by Libra Scales in keen manners. In short, everywhere we can find major breakthroughs of technological innovations which compel us to cheers up and recognitions for advanced technological moves in all intense sectors of our lives to make them easier and to retain the important and core reasons and sources for our survival mostly in cost efficient manners. Cost reserve funds for entrepreneurs, enabling them to put resources into developments and extensions in different regions of the business, which contributes on a positive level to the economy in general. But some disadvantages of technology advancements as the machines are replacing human workers and human workers are retaining less value. Process of automation is rapidly discarding the human expertise values as one machines can perform for 10 humans normally which may cost efficient for tycoons but a big cause of redundancy and unemployment moreover. Automation is creating a huge sense of dependency because machines are making the lives easier and easier and physically movements are going to be lesser rapidly. There is a complicate question that what will happen if the machine got broken or damage? The systems may not be collapsed but system will be going to stuck seriously. Besides that, improper methodologies are causing environmental pollutions and contaminations. Nuclear emanation of weapons is the cause of thunder destructions etc.

LIBRA SCALES coveting advanced and developed era to all humankinds full of peace and ease instead of pains and stresses. Wishing all the best in future endeavors to all of you. Thanks

(Chief Executive Officer)



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