Steel Truck Scale, Capacity 60Ton – Sartorius Components

Brand: Sartorius Intec, Germany
Product Code: Steel Truck Scale, Cap:60T with Sarotius Weighing Components

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ASteel Truck Scales in Combination of Sartorius Weighing Components

Your truck scale is one of the most important investments at your workplace. A truck scale should be accurate and reliable while offering you the lowest total cost of ownership and enhance economic value of your investment. That’s why libra scales is supplying truck scales in combination of Sartorius, Germany weighing components and are designed to protect you from unforeseen problems and unexpected downtime that can contribute to large unplanned expenses. Libra scales assure you to eliminate these cost and offers you a numbers of extrinsic and intrinsic benefits by using Sartorius, Germany brand.
Details of all components are given below.

Features – Truck Scale Steel Structure

  • Durable Modular Design
  • Installed in a pit available in any length
  • Distribute loads to reduce stress on individual module
  • Steel structure can be used immediately and is easily expandable for future growth
  • Precision cutting and forming high quality welding material apply

Steel Structure Specifications:

Platform Size 9m X 3m (30’x10’ Approx)
Loading Capacity Up to 60 Ton
Main Guirder 24″X 8″X 30′ (31kgs/foot (approx) Imported. (02 Nos)
Cross Guarder 8″X 4″X 9.5′ (7kgs/foot) Pak Made. (24 Nos)
Transom Beam 8″ X 4″ X 2m (02 Nos)
Plane plate 9mX 3mX 10mm (Pakistan Steel)
Assembly Plates 6″x6″x12mm (08 Nos)
Grounding Plates 12″x12″x12mm (04 Nos)

Features – Truck Scale Load Cell PR6221

  • No corner adjustment necessary
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Best over voltage protection in combination of Junction Box
  • Highest Reliability
  • Proven rocker-pin principle
  • High overload capacity
  • IP 68 (1.5 m/10,000 hrs)
  • IP 69K (washdown cleaning)

Load Cell Specifications:

Maximum capacity 30t
Max. usable load 60t
Destructive load 150t
Accuracy Class C3
Nominal ambient temp. range -10 — +55°C
Usable ambient temp. range -40 — +95°C

Features – Truck Scale Weighing Indicator X3

  • W&M approval with 10,000e acc. to EN 45501 / OIML R 76
  • Serial Interface RS232 for Printer or remote display
  • 3 digital In- and 3 Outputs for limit function

Weighing Indicator Specifications:

Accuracy 10.000e class III
Display LCD, transflective, back lighted – Elements: 6-digits (7 Segments)
Keyboard 6 double function keys (short lift keys)
Control outputs 3 opto-isolated output, passive
Control Inputs 3 opto-isolated input, passive
Ethernet interface Ethernet TCP/IP
Environmental conditions – temp W&M: –10°C bis +40°C
Protection class  Front panel IP65, Housing IP30

Features – Truck Scale Junction Box 6130/08

  • Complete connection between load cells and weighing controller
  • Signal transmission over long distances without problems

Junction Box Specifications:

Degree of protection According to IEC 529: IP 65
Mounting position Cable entry from the bottom
Number of load cells 1… 8



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